The Greek vs. the Chinese

May 21, 2007 at 5:00 pm (the Greek, Uncategorized)

So now that I’ve outted myself, I really need to start posting more often. The problem is what to write about? Hmmm…

Well this past weekend was the annual Greek Festival at the Greek Orthodox Church in Oakland. Which was very lucky for us, because that meant I didn’t have to cook dinner Friday or Saturday night! For those of you who haven’t experienced a Greek Fest before, it’s basically My Big Fat Greek Wedding x1000. There are thousands of crazy Greeks all over the place, eating Greek food, listening and dancing to Greek music, drinking Greek beer and wine, etc. etc.

It reminds me of the time when we first got engaged (my husband is Greek — I’ll call him the Greek — how original!). So my brother was visiting from London (that’s where he lives now). And we (the Greek, my parents and I) had just picked him up from the airport. We were at dinner, when the Greek and my bro started talking about our wedding plans. The Greek said something about how we were planning on honoring all the Chinese and Greek traditions (my family is Chinese). My bro gave the Greek a strange look and said, ” but, you’re just a white guy, right?” LOL. To this day, we love reliving this story. To my bro’s defense, this was before My Big Fat Greek Wedding came out. By now, he realizes how crazy the greeks really are!


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