Undisciplined, flakey me

August 12, 2008 at 11:38 pm (Uncategorized)

So the expected has happened.  I haven’t posted in my blog for almost a year.  Sigh.  I always start so many projects, but never finish them.  Let’s have a rundown of these projects currently underway:

1.  scrapbook for my daughter’s 1st years (she’s now 4 yrs old) — I can’t even remember the nickname I had decided to give her for this blog to disguise who she really is — although the only people who read this blog know her real name, address, height, weight, dress size, etc….

2.  a sweater I’m knitting for said daughter which should have been a present for last Christmas

3.  this blog which was supposed to get me writing regularly because one of my childhood dreams was to write…

4.  get a medical degree — I did start undergrad pre-med but changed to econ during my first year.  Ever since then, I decided that if I ever won the lottery I’d go back to school, get my medical degree and volunteer with Doctors without Borders.  Guess what the odds of that happening are???

5.  losing 15 lbs and getting back to my wedding weight…  this project may never come to an end



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