Bad Mommy!

June 22, 2007 at 8:33 pm (the Princess & the Wee Man)

I was so excited. I signed Princess up for a 2-3 yr old ballet class, because she LOVES dancing and music. And she’s obsessed with ballerinas.

So I could’ve sworn that Princess’s ballet class started today. I checked the website 3x this week. I mapquested the way to the class. And I waited until today to tell her about the class because I KNEW how excited she’d be about it and if she had to wait for it, she’d probably lose it.

So we put on her ballet dress this morning and ballet shoes. Then we drove all the way to class, only to find out it starts next week!!! OMG! Now Princess is crying uncontrollably. I had to drop her off at daycare sobbing. I felt so bad. And she looked SO cute in her ballet dress and shoes.


Maybe I should label this bad mommy 1 — I’m sure this is the first of many bad mommy posts… sigh..



  1. erika said,

    Oh no! I hate it when I mess up like that and it upsets the kids. Poor thing. You are not a bad mommy, it was just a bad moment.

  2. CrunchyCon said,

    Oh no! I know you felt terrible, because that is how I would have felt.

    I bet she did look adorable.

  3. AK Alter Ego said,

    Oh, poor you and her!!
    I did that once with swimming class, many months after we started going I botched the start time. I made them let us in the pool for 15 minutes, to save my sanity.

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