The wonderful world of puke and other such nonsense

June 19, 2007 at 8:39 pm (Uncategorized)

So the past couple weeks have been JUST swell. Full of vomit, diarrhea, trips to the ER. And it wasn’t the kids at all! The Greek and I have been the sick ones. Go figure.

So it started the week before last. The Greek was sick and complaining like a baby — he made everything he did seem like it was likely to be his last deed on earth. And I was complaining non-stop about him. (Not to his face of course!) He was having really sharp stomach pains and diarrhea that wouldn’t stop. This went on from Wed night to Saturday. Well by Sat evening, he still wasn’t better, so we decided to go down to the ER. My parents took the kids and away we went. Hours later, after a cat scan, they discovered that his colon was completely inflamed and diagnosed inflammatory bowel disease. So boy did I feel guilty about complaining so much about him… but as I told him, he’s such a baby no matter what is wrong, it’s hard to know when it’s really serious. 🙂 He has to have a colonoscopy to make sure of the diagnosis and determine treatment. So this is scheduled for this Thurs.

Then yesterday, I woke up to an incredible urge to go to the potty. Of course this was the day that the Greek had a 6am flight to Seattle for business. It was just a day trip, but his flight back wouldn’t land until 7:30pm.

After several trips to the bathroom, I braced myself to get the kids ready to go to daycare. There was NO way I’d be able to handle the kids with the runs. So I got them ready quickly and drove them to daycare. Just in the nick of time. By the time I got back home, I had graduated to vomiting and throughout the rest of the day, I was completely incapacitated. Walking 5 ft made me nauseous. It was awful. The Greek had to call daycare to see if they could keep the kids until he got back from Seattle, because I just couldn’t drive. Luckily for us, our daycare is a family-run business out of their house, so that wasn’t a big deal.

Thank goodness, it seems like it was a 24 hr deal. Today I feel 1,000 times better. And I’m eating!! But I had to miss Princess’ first day of preschool, which was today. WAH! I didn’t want to drop her off and subject the whole preschool to my germs. I’ll probably skip the pick up tonight, but I’ll drop her off tomorrow. I can’t WAIT!



  1. sb said,

    Wow that sounds horrible. I’m glad that the kids didn’t get it as well. Hope you’re feeling much better.

  2. CrunchyCon said,

    I’m glad you are feeling better. That just sucks big time!

  3. erika said,

    Oh my! I am so glad you’re feeling better… how terrible!

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