Why does this always happen to us?

June 7, 2007 at 9:12 pm (Uncategorized)

So this weekend was supposed to be quiet and relaxing. Then all hell broke loose.

First thing that happened

The Greek (my husband) gets a phone call from one of his close college buddies (he has about 40 of them). His friend works for an airline and is getting free tickets to fly to SF this weekend. We’re supposed to pick them up from the airport on Sat. and spend the day with them (lunch, afternoon, dinner, etc.) and then they’re flying back on Sunday. Great, sounds like fun!


I get this nagging feeling that June 9th sounds really familiar to me. And I finally remember that we agreed to go to some friends’ for dinner that night. They have a 3 yr old and a 7 mo old. We’re supposed to be there at 4pm and will probably get out by 8pm as that’s the 3 yr old’s bedtime.

Ok, no problem. We’ll have lunch with the friends, drop them off wherever they want and then go to our other friends for dinner, and maybe the Greek can meet them for drinks afterwards.


We get an evite reminder. My cousin’s daughter’s 3rd b-day party is on Sat at 11:30am at Chuck E. Cheese’s. UGH! What are we going to do?????

Why does this always happen to us?



  1. erika said,

    OMG! You’re so popular! Honestly… I don’t know. Can you take the kids to the party while the Greek picks up his friend and takes him to lunch? Then you meet up and sepnd the afternoon with the friend, go to the other friend’s for dinner, and then meet up with the first friend again for drinks? LOL, you’ll be exhausted! Good Luck!

  2. AK Alter Ego said,

    When did weekends stop being about relaxing and doing nothing or as little as I felt like, LOL??
    By now I know yours went nothing like planned (((hugs)))

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