You dirty girl….

May 30, 2007 at 9:10 pm (the Princess & the Wee Man)

So we went camping for the first time as a family this past memorial day weekend. DH, me, the princess and the wee man. We went with a whole group of people, some of whom are close friends and some not so close. Well, we shared a campsite with another family who has a daughter princess’s age (we’ll call her blondie) and a newborn (6 wks old — she was SO precious). Anyway, princess and blondie got along like (what’s that phrase something like balls afire???) whatever, they got along great. (my goodness, I definitely need to take a creative writing course — I’m tempted to start every sentence with “anyway”).. So back to the topic..

Princess and Blondie were playing with their shovels and buckets at our campsite — basically with dirt. Just filling up their buckets and emptying them out, when all of a sudden one of them decided it would be fun to dump the dirt on this big rock. So for a few hours (it seemed like a few hours anyway — UGH there is that word again!), they were dumping buckets of dirt on this rock. Then one of them decided it would be a good idea to slide down the rock since it was so slippery now due to the dirt that they had so diligently dumped on it.

So the next several hours were spent sliding down the dirt-covered rock. After a while, you couldn’t tell where their clothes ended and where their hands, feet, and faces began. Of course, all the adults were watching and laughing hysterically. My husband, of course, says, “at least they’re not making dirt angels!” I think he forgot that 3 yr old children can hear and understand adult speech… Because the girls stopped sliding for a moment, looked at each other, and flopped themselves down to do dirt angels… FACE FIRST!!

It took 3 days to get all the dirt out of Princess’s nostrils.

If I can figure it out, I’ll try to post some pics….


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The Greek vs. the Chinese

May 21, 2007 at 5:00 pm (the Greek, Uncategorized)

So now that I’ve outted myself, I really need to start posting more often. The problem is what to write about? Hmmm…

Well this past weekend was the annual Greek Festival at the Greek Orthodox Church in Oakland. Which was very lucky for us, because that meant I didn’t have to cook dinner Friday or Saturday night! For those of you who haven’t experienced a Greek Fest before, it’s basically My Big Fat Greek Wedding x1000. There are thousands of crazy Greeks all over the place, eating Greek food, listening and dancing to Greek music, drinking Greek beer and wine, etc. etc.

It reminds me of the time when we first got engaged (my husband is Greek — I’ll call him the Greek — how original!). So my brother was visiting from London (that’s where he lives now). And we (the Greek, my parents and I) had just picked him up from the airport. We were at dinner, when the Greek and my bro started talking about our wedding plans. The Greek said something about how we were planning on honoring all the Chinese and Greek traditions (my family is Chinese). My bro gave the Greek a strange look and said, ” but, you’re just a white guy, right?” LOL. To this day, we love reliving this story. To my bro’s defense, this was before My Big Fat Greek Wedding came out. By now, he realizes how crazy the greeks really are!

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Does 1x every 6 months constitute a blog?

May 19, 2007 at 12:28 am (Uncategorized)

I belong to an online community many of whom blog regularly. I’m ALWAYS on this board chatting away, but I rarely read my online friends’ blogs. I’m not sure why? Maybe I feel too boring for the blogging world. I mean I’m a married mother of 2, have a nice steady job working for da man, I vote, drink regularly, bla bla bla. What’s there to write about? And not giving of myself, I feel like I shouldn’t receive either? Well, I guess that means that I’ll have to start posting again, because I clicked on one of my online friends’ blogs and found a link to another online friend. One who hasn’t been posting much lately because she’s been hurt by some online drama that affected our little online community. And I really care about this friend and I want to read her blog. So here I am giving of myself, so that I can receive of others.

So what’s exciting that’s happened to me lately? The most exciting things that happen to me don’t even happen to me, they happen to my children. Yes, here is where I become a boring mom, talking non-stop about her children. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before….. huh? too bad, you’re hearing it anyway — I mean, it’s my blog!

My little girl just turned 3 and my little man just turned 1. It’s an old cliche, but time sure does fly. It’s so fun watching them develop their own little personalities. My girl, I’ll call her princess, because right now, that’s her favorite thing. Princess is such an interesting little person. She definitely knows what she likes and dislikes. She has an opinion on everything. But she’s SO generous too. Whenever she’s eating something she likes, she wants to share it. Ok so she really doesn’t eat that much. Whatever. It’s still generosity. It’s the complete opposite of me. When I eat something I love, I want to hoard it all to myself. I look at this tiny little aspect of her that’s so unlike me and wonder where did THAT come from? It’s amazing that even though this little being came from me and her daddy, she’s her own little person. She’s unique. She’s different from him and me. WOW.

My little boy, I’ll call him the wee man, because that’s what my scottish boss calls his son and I’ve always liked the sound of that. The wee man is all boy. He’s fearless. He’ll go down the big slides if we let him. He’s always climbing. But he LOVES his sister. He’ll stop whatever he’s doing to mimic her. He copies her non-stop. It’s so cute. He’s also just about to walk. He can stand himself up from a sitting position now. I can’t wait until he walks, because to be honest, I’m sick of carrying him everywhere…

My co-worker the other day asked me if we were thinking of having a third. To which I gently but firmly replied in the negative. She replied that she thought I would have more because of the incredible glow I get on my face whenever I talked about my kids. A third…. hmmmm… I do admit I still get the baby bug from time to time. But I’m pretty sure we’re done.

So how do you stop writing? I feel like I’ve written a book, but a book without a point, so I can’t find a logical place to stop. I mean usually you stop when you’ve made a point, but since I don’t really have one, what do I do? Ok, I’m going to stop… NOW. See you in 6 months…

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